A Touching Story of the patron and Head Coach at COBASA ...

“I grew up struggling to make ends meet for myself and my siblings. However, during that period, I leant how to work hard but most importantly, I learnt how to have a big heart and an appreciation for God’s Blessings. I understood that when God blesses you, it’s important to bless others in return, so I purposed that I will always pay it forward. I was helped so it is my duty to help other people”.

“Having become an orphan at a very young age to parents who died of HIV, I also realized that HIV/AIDS is a deadly disease. I learnt that the children left behind when their parents die of HIV become vulnerable to poverty, and miss out on others aspects of proper child development. So, I decided I will help such children by empowering them in any capacity I can. One of the ways I am doing that is by helping those who cannot afford education a chance to go to school as well as sport, develop and promote those with skills to flourish or shine”

Our Progress depends on generous people like you!

“Throughout the years, God has brought so many generous people to my life that have helped me become a blessing to others. For example, for about 12 years, the generosity of other people who have come to my life has enabled us build basketball courts and supporting youth education”

“We have so many success stories when it comes to the kids we have helped when it comes to basketball but there would be no such stories if two high school kids, James (15) and Devon Roeper (14) had not decided to fundraise money that helped us to build our first Basketball court in Mukono district, also the first public basketball court in whole district. Also, we would not be talking about success stories if one family had not decided to give generously, financially each year to support the students’ athletes.  We would not talk about success, without the help of organizations like Children’s Heritage Foundation who help us organize all the support we have been receiving through the years.”

“As you read through the stories we would like you to know that we rely on generous support of people like you and thus welcome you to consider being part of us”.

Selected Students Successful Stories

Over 50 kids who graduated from our academy are flourishing in their Basketball Careers in different capacities

From a hopeless Teen mother and school dropout, to a scholarship in USA.

When we met Maria, she was ordinary village teen mother living with a single mum and whole family was struggling financially. We introduced her to Basketball and since then, she has risen from glory to glory

Mariam Has Represented Uganda at U16 & U18 categories

Despite her talent, Mariam could not get a Basketball academic scholarship to a further her development in the sport after graduating from Primary. But against all odds, Has Represented Uganda at U16 & U18

Saima became captain of the biggest basketball school in Uganda

 Saima is a good example of the importance of helping young people make right decisions at an early age. She went through our academy and joined the biggest basketball school in the Country

Meet the Academy Coaches

At Country Basketball Academy, we have a team of experienced coaches who have dedicated their time to nurture underprivileged kids into realizing their dream of playing professional basketball

Head Coach
Makanga Godwin Head Coach
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